One of our biggest client is Boon Rawd Brewery whose volume of shipments both in and out to Thailand were enormous.

Briefly between 1990 to 2000 we were appointed, as a nvocc, exclusively by Boon Rawd Brewery to handle the transport of their cargo both sea and air among Thailand and various countries.

On ocean shipment, we arranged:
1. Inbound cargo of barley from Australia and malt spring from Europe countries. The volume were over 5,000 x 20' containers.

2. As for outbound, we arranged the shipments for their finished products, namely beer in can and in bottle, to various countries in asia, Europe and in the United States of America. The total volume were over 1000 x 20' containers per annum.

3. On air shipment we handle all sorts of cargo, mainly their plant materials, parts and accessories from japan and United States of America in addition to the above, we also handled the inland trucking for them in Thailand by delivery all sorts of raw material to Boon Rawd's plant in the north and north eastern of Thailand.

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